a1‘Talent services’ is a recruitment company based in London that recruits tradespeople and builders for various construction companies. Construction trade is sensitive to economic change in the market. But since it’s one of the largest industries, there are always jobs here no matter what the economic condition is.

We are one of the only truly international Construction Recruitment Agencies. We have clients in the UK, Canada, Spain, U.S, South Africa and Germany.

We aim to offer our clients with excellent staffing solutions by providing the best candidates to fill the vacancies. We mainly recruit constructors and builders. This industry is labour intensive. The workers must have some level of physical fitness to work. We hire non-graduates who are willing to work as builders or constructors. To be appointed as technical or administrative specialists you need to have a higher qualification. You may have to work long hours if you get into the construction industry.

We choose candidates depending on their CVs. Once we shortlist candidates by looking at their detailed CV, we call them for interviews. So, if you are looking for talented builders, then please call us. We will recruit the best workers for you.